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LeadsArk Review – How To Make Sales & Linkedin Lead Generation

Leadsark Review Summary

EFFECTIVENESS:Organic leads generation using social medias FREE (PLUS) Passive income opportunity
PRICE:LITE: INR 2360, STANDARD: INR 4130, PRO: INR 8260 (All ONE TIME purchase including GST)
EASE OF USE:Get started in less than 20 Minutes. Step by step Video tutorial.
SUPPORT:Access to the "Official Leadsark FB group" +24/7 email support
DO I NEED CODING?No coding No website required. Need to create free account with social media
ANY BONUSES?8 Bonuses with the Leadsark packages. PLUS my "1-Click Push Profits" Software- The push notification software and @15% cashback from me.

Leadsark Review By Santosh Mali

Leadsark Review by Santosh Mali

Welcome to my honest Leadsark Review! It is now Leadsark2.0. It’s 3.0 version will be launched soon with INCREASED benefits but also with increased in the sales prices too. So be mindful if you decide to buy later.

Well, My name is Santosh Mali. I have been in affiliate marketing for more than 5 year now.

The main negative things that happened to me after beginning of my affiliate journey was the “Shiny Object syndrome” (SOS) and Paid Leads.

That is because…

When you a start a new business online or offline, you need traffic or visitors to see your offer.

Either you get it by paying to someone else or get it free working yourself. Many gurus in the industry recommends for paid traffic or solo ads to grow your business faster.

It’s true, when you have 1000’s of dollars for advertising budget to spend on Ads. I personally purchased lot’s of traffic and leads from different ads network and solo ads providesrs. It was totaly some BS clicks from traffic exchanges and PTC sites. 

Branding was a big issue to make sales, no one was joining under me or buying my products.

Have you wasted hundreds of dollars on MAKE MONEY ONLINE products or Traffic or Leads?

I really started to see the power of high ticket affiliate marketing and personal branding after going through LeadsArk Training! I’m seeing all the difference by USING LeadsArk2.0 myself. 

So of course your results will be different but it’s not hard if you apply and follow what is taught in this affiliate marketing and leads generation video course.

What is leadsark?

Ok Let’s start the Leadsark 2.0 review created by Ayaz Mohammad, and let you know the insiders info Ayaz has disclosed in this training. Therefore, continue reading and make an informed decision at the end of this review. DON’T FORGET TO CHECKOUT MY FAST ACTION BONUS!

Leadsark Member Area

Leadsark is an ISO certified e-learning platform to teach you how you can generate 20-30 Highly Qualified Leads daily through high traffic Online Platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin etc for your Business Opportunity.

Ayaz Mohammad has registered this business in Sept. 2020. It is approved by the Government of India and is primarily developed for Indian marketers and businesses who are looking to generate organic leads for their business opportunities or services without spending money on Ads ever.

You can use Leadsark training to sell any products…

A. Affiliate marketer can use leadsark to promote any affiliate products or sevices. Build subscribers list.

B. Network marketer can use Leadsark to build their team of networkers.

C. Offline businesses can use leadsark to promote their BRAND online and get broader reach to potential customers.

Also Leadsark itself is an online business opportunity with their high commission affiliate program.

But now as they are advancing, anybody who have PayPal account can avail or join in Leadsark Training outside of INDIA, though there are certain countries are excluded.

So Leadsark 2.0 is a legitimate and ISO certified & approved program. It is NOT a scam. You get instant access to the Leadsark products once you pay for it.

how leadsark work?

Leadsark Courses Price
LeadsArk 2.0 Training Packages

As you can see, LeadsArk has 3 training packages for all marketers. Once you purchased any one of these packages, you get instant access to your package and start your training right away. Let’s peek into my Leadsark members area.

Is leadsark MLM?

No. Leadsark2.0 is not a MLM business. In any MLM business.. If you do sales.. You get very little profit and The revenue is shared among 5 to 10 different people above you.  

Here you are getting the maximum profit of 70 to 75% .. It’s a pure sales business where you sell the product and you keep the maximum profit. If any MLM gives 70% to the person who is selling the concept of MLM will collapse. 

In MLM, generally you need to pay monthly for products or services to keep your account active to earn money. In LeadsArk, you have a Leveraged Affiliate Program where you are not only earning commission on your own direct sales, but also one level leveraged passive Income on sales done by your Direct Team Members called TPB, Team Performance Bonus. 

Here you are paying for Product once and you can earn passive money without paying monthly. Leadsark is paying only on Direct Team Member’s sales and not below that.

Refer image below to understand Leadsark’s commission structure..

Leadsark Commissions
Leadsark Commission Structure…

For example.. If you are a Silver Affiliate (i.e you purchased Leadsark LITE), and you refered Jaya (She purchased Leadsark PRO) then you get Rs.2200 direct commission from Jaya. If Jaya further refers a LITE sales, you get Rs.100 as Team Performance Bonus (TPB) and likewise for other direct referrals..

Hope you got the commission layout in the leadsark.

Why leadsark is the best

Here are the 3 points that I love and think the best to get in the Leadsark. When you join LeadsArk… it gives the best value to the customer for their purchase. And the information provided by Ayaz and other leaders is from their personal experiences and based on what work and what is not.

1. Step by Step Leads Generation Video Tutorial

Organic and qualified Leads generation is the lifeblood of any business. If you fail at this stage, your business go NOWHERE! You can’t earn any money. If you want to earn passive money, you must concentrate on generating organic qualified leads on daily basis.

You get access to all the training about Affiliate Marketing and Organic Lead Generation in Video formats in which you will learn..

— Step by step process how to generate qualified Leads Organically from Social Media – FB, Instagram, LinkedIn etc (NO Marketing Cost) 

Course Detials

— Step by Step Sales Process – Learn the sales process. How to handle objections and generate sale of any products and Earn Money. 

Course Detials

If you go purchase these courses or training individually, you will be paying 50 times more than what is offered in the Leadsark 2.0.

2. Weekly Live Webinars FREE of Cost

You also get Weekly Live training / Q&A Session by Ayaz Mohammad, the founder of LeadsArk or by Any other Success Leaders free of cost lifetime.

Live Sales Webinars and Automated Webinar Support to help you in getting sales. You have to just invite your leads to those webinars only. 

So all you have to do is just follow the steps shown in the training and you will surely get sales and earn money. Moreover, whatever you learn in LeadsArk Training, you can also use the knowledge and process to other affiliate program / sell any other product you want from any other network and earn money.

3. High Ticket Affiliate Program

Leadsark 2.0 is itself is great product for AFFILIATE MARKETING that pays higher commission about 70-75% on each direct sales. And it earns you Passive income from your direct referral’s sales.

Great value for reasonable prices helps Leadsark becoming hot product in the home business and lead generation niches. Make just 2 sales to break-even and your Leadsark purchase becomes FREE. Weekly payout to their affiliates.

LeadsArk Pro & Cons

Digital Product - Instant AccessAffiliate program is for Indian Marketers manily.
High Affiliate Commission 75-80%Not for day dreamers
ISO Certified - Meant QualityDon't purchase if you're NOT action takers
Designed for Organic Leads Generation & Passive Income
Regular Weekly Payout
Tuesday / Friday--- FREE Sales Webinar
Provides National / International Trip to Achievers..

Leadsark results and success stories

Leadsark training is basically designed to affiliate marketers who are struggling to get leads and sales through Social media platforms. It may takes some time to build your personal brands on these platforms before you see any desirable results.

Again it is depends on individual actions and how they learn and apply insiders techniques. Affiliates those are promoting Leadsark itself are making nice commissions using techniques learned in the training. This image is self-explainatory..

Leadsark Results

Leadsark has paid out millions in the affiliate commissions. And they pays weekly to their affiliates.

Leadsark Review & bonuses

You will get lots of free bonuses with the leadsark packages itself as mentioned in their sales page. But If you decide to join Leadsark training today with my affiliate link, I provide you the following FAST ACTION bonuses…

BONUS #1. Push Notifications Software â€“ Your leads building & follow-up system

(10 Spots available THIS WEEK ONLY)

(Worth $49/MONTH. Your’s FREE Today)

Why Push Notifications?

  Builds subscribers list… does followup,make sales!

  Gets open-rates 300% higher than email

  Gets clicks up to 1000% higher than email

 Pushes messages, 10x fasterdirect to the desktop

  Doesn’t need $50/month autoresponders

BONUS #2. Earn Cashback

1. Leadsark Lite Package

Leadsark Lite Bonuses

2. Leadsark Standard Package 

3. Leadsark Pro Package

NOTE- 1. Cashback amount will be paid by me after 1 week of your account activation, NOT by the Leadsark company.2. Type CASHBACK <Your Leadsark member ID> and Whatsapp to 9359494992)

how to join leadsark affiliate marketing

Well, if you want to join Leadsark now and get my additional bonuses as describes above, the joining process I have already shown in my video above.

But If you have any problem during signing up or questions, Whatsapp me here (+91) 9359494992

Conclusion of the Leadsark Review

So here we reached at the conclusion of the Leadsark review! If you are interested in doing online business and making money online. How will you do that? 

Off-course, YOU HAVE TO LEARN. How will you learn, you have to join a Training Program or a Training Course. That’s the training program Leadsark2.0 is. 

So Leadsark is Online Training Courses which teaches you step by step… 

1. How to do Affiliate Marketing online Business

2. How to generate Quality Leads organically using Social Media (No Marketing Cost) 

3. How to handle onjections and get sales and and earn Commissions 

After learning from this course you have two options….

1. Use the knowledge and the process to sell any other products from any other network like Clickbank / JVZoo / Warriorplus or any other platform. 

2. Use the knowledge and the process to sell LeadsArk Products and earn 70% + Commission and Passive Income also. 

Most of us prefer to sell LeadsArk Courses because it is the essential product any businesses and much more profitable for affiliate marketers than selling any other product and we also get a lot more support from the management to earn more and more money from this platform.

PLUS, I will be there to help you in every moment you need.. website coding, graphic design, Anydesk live help etc… because I really want to see you succeed online. Hope to see you in my team!

Santosh Mali

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