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How To Make Money Selling Custom T-shirts & Apparel In 2021

Hey, welcome, welcome, welcome! Do you want to sell custom t-shirts and other apparel without having any physical store or inventory?

Imagine if you had a secret database of the 300+ top-selling t-shirts OF ALL TIME!

Over 300 custom t-shirts designs that made over $6 million in revenue.

Totalling over 400,000 t-shirt sales!

What would you do with that kind of INTEL??

Well, if you’re like me, you’d want to scan these t-shirts, looking for PATTERNS you could copy, such as…

Most popular price, most popular color, t-shirts vs hoodies (which sells best) etc etc.

So you can see EXACTLY what’s selling – then and boost the profits on YOUR t-shirt campaigns!

Makes sense right?…

Wouldn’t this kind of SECRET information be SUPER useful?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do now..

Why You Need To Sell Custom T-shirts?

And, trust me, I’ll be talking about Titan again real soon (summary: you need one TeeSpring softwares!)

But first, let’s go back to the top-selling t-shirts…

You might have heard how people are making a killing, selling t-shirts on Facebook…

They just think of an idea for a t-shirt, then make $10 each time someone buys a copy!

Now, lets see why this is a NEW powerful opportunity for average people in 2021..

  • People are making as much as $30,000 from a single t-shirt idea.
  • TeeSpring, one of the major custom made tees platform, has sold over 1 MILLION t-shirts in the 2014 alone. Now it generates $12.81 million in sales.
  • My friend “Chris” sold over $10,000 of custom made t-shirts in 30 days using essential software and facebook.

4 Steps To Sell Your Custom T-shirts Online

How to create custom t-shirts

And I know you’re probably curious to start your custom t-shirts and apparel business online, and want to know more…

So, here’s a taster of how this t-shirt selling system works…

Here’s the 4 step formula Chris follows with TeeSpring + Facebook:

First, he chooses a secret t-shirt niche or “topic” to focus on. Then he creates a list of proven niches to focus on daily basis. The more proven the niche, the better the chance of profits.

He has a secret list of 100 proven niches he focuses on daily.

Next, he comes up with an idea for a t-shirt design.. how would you do that? Search on Amazon, eBay, Facebook for top selling t-shirts in your selected red-hot niches. Again he uses his software to create over 50 design ideas in 10 seconds!

Now he needs to create the design image to upload to “TeeSpring” or any such platform like shopify or Teezily. You can customized any kind of t-shirt or apparel in your niches. Once again this step is 100% automated with his “Proven Auto Design” software!

Now everything is ready. Chris has proven tees niches. He has researched and created proven t-shirt designs. He created a customized tees and other apparel on website like Teespring, Shopify or Teezily.

Now his tishirts store is ready to pull profits. He drives traffic to his t-shirt store page using a very special Facebook system.

Let me show you his solid-proof that it is possible…

Custom T-shirts Business Proof

Are You Ready To Start Custom T-shirt Business?

OK, I think you’re starting to see how powerful is the customized t-shirt system.

I personnaly use these software myself and creating my own customized t-shirts business. These software are easy to use and minimize the hard work so you can more focus on advertising and profits.

Here is a screenshot of my teespring customized yoga teesstore…

This is just one of my niche tees store. You can create as many as you can. And for a very limited time, you can get the auto designing software for only $17 here.

So if you’re at all curious how the t-shirt game works, then check it out now…

What Works Best In T-shirts Business?

SNEAK PEEK of what Chris has discovered from his $6 million of t-shirt sales:

  • COLOR – the most popular default color is BLACK – in fact, its responsible for 56% of sales (the 2nd top-selling color is navy at 10%)
  • PRICE – $20 seems to be the sweet spot for t-shirt sales, with 50% of sales coming between $19 and $21 (although you can stray higher to $23-25 if your niche is very targeted)
  • STYLE – t-shirts outsell hoodies. In fact, the most popular style is the basic, cheap “Hanes Tagless Tee”, with a stonking 44% of all t-shirt sales in his top 300. By comparison, the Hanes hoodie only has 14% of sales. If in doubt, start with a basic tee.
  • HOW MANY STYLES – should you give people the option to choose different styles – hanes tagless tee AND hoodie AND tank top? Or just one style? The answer here is less clear cut, with 30% only having one style choice and 65% have 2-4 choices.

So in summary, for the best results (as proven by $6 million in t-shirt sales) are…

==> Go with a BLACK, Hanes Tagless tee, priced around $19-21 and offer as many styles as you feel like.

Now is it just me or did you feel like the information in the last paragraph was more useful than probably a lot of TeeSpring courses!?

Well… if you still don’t have an idea to start your t-shirts business online, you can start with this done-for-you custom tees maker software… called eCom Crusher!

Ecom Crusher T-shirts Design Software

Whether you get software or not, just workout on the 4 steps above, begin with Teespring or Teezily to create your custom t-shirts store. Then use facebook advertising with Pay Per Engagement (PPE). This is the SECRET of well over $1 million sales made by Chris selling custom t-shirts on teespring.

Okay, I’ll be in touch with more info about T-Shirt business if you have any questions or difficulties.

I can’t wait to see your results…

In the meantime, feel free to comment your opinion on this custom t-shirts business.

Have a great day!

-Santosh Mali

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