How to Quit Your Job

How To Quit Your Job And Make Money Online

Welcome! Today we’ll find out why and how to quit your job and start making money online working from home. You will learn in detail about Traditional Marketing (job) Vs an alternative to your job.

I hope you will be enlightened and get your mindshift. You will be able to see clearly why the 5% rich get richer every year and why those 95% poor and middle-class keep struggling to live.

So, let’s get started…

Why to Quit Your Job?

Before you know how to quit your job, you should understand why to quit your job. Job is a traditional form of marketing, where people get fixed salaries. 

In traditional marketing people start work at 20 year and work till 60-65 years of their age. They work about 40-45 years in his/her life and make money.

Now let’s understand the Work Pattern & Cash Flow in traditional marketing (Job).

Stage 1. You continue working for 10 years. (turned 30 years old)

You go to the work daily and follow orders 9-5 a day, 7 days a week and month after month.

As you continuously work in the company, you get paid your monthly fixed income. 

Stage 2. You keep working hard for another 10 years. (You turns 40 years old)

Now you get 20 years of experience in the company. As your experience doubles, you get   promoted once or twice and get an increment in your monthly salary. 

But at the same time there is also a hike in the market prices. Inflation also increased many fold in these 20 years. Many get married. 

So, are you happy with your financial goals after 20 years of hard work?

Stage 3. You want a break. But your job does not allow it. ( And you turns 50 years old)

By 30 years of laborious work in the job, your salary has been increased and you get promoted to higher post. But again the market prices hiked in those years. Now you have childrens and family, expenses have doubled.

Can you count yourself in the right side of the cashflow quadrant?


Do you get tax benefits that all rich people are getting?

The answer is NO!

Stage 4. Now it is time to kick you off from their company. (! You became 60 years old)

Congratulations! You are about to turn 60 year old working for them! At this stage still you don’t see any special improvement in your life. Instead you feel more tired – physically and mentally.

But every organization needs experienced people to run their company smoothly. At this stage a traditional job owner has more experience in their company.

Therefore an organization doesn’t remove you from the company, but they post you in such a position where you don’t need to do much physical work load but an organization would benefit from your experience.

In this stage of a traditional job, you don’t have to deal with any physical load but your mental pressure is increased 10 times more.

Why Do You Get Ready to Accept This Mental Pressure and not ready to quit your job?

Why to quit job

Well, there are so few people who choose to retire voluntarily at this stage. Most of the people’s family expenses and daily expenses are increased at the level that they agree to accept this unwanted mental pressure.

Also your experience becomes 30-40 years. Now your salary is also increased to the level that you happily accept this mental pressure.

Though your salary increased double or triple, inflation has also doubled in this period. Overall there are not many changes in your life. 

As you can see, in a traditional marketing career, you need to work in each stage of your career and you get paid every month for your work. You stop working and income stops coming. 

When you turn at the age of 60 or once you complete 40 years in a traditional job what happens?

YOU get retired from your career or job (they use a sweet word for KICK-OFF – Retire).

What does it mean?

It means the organization, for whom you have spent your entire young life and spent your valuable time, doesn’t need you anymore.

Do you know about sugarcane? And have you ever drunk sugarcane juice?

Whatever the juice seller does with that sugarcane stick the same exact thing happens with you in the traditional marketing or job.

If you have noticed, the juice seller keeps inserting that sugarcane in the machine till he extracts the last drop of juice from it.

Likewise, the traditional organization only keeps you posted on the position and pays till they think you’re usable. When the last drop of juice is extracted from the sugarcane stick, it is thrown in a dustbin, and the seller picks up another fresh sugarcane in place of useless.

So as an organization can’t drop you in the company’s dustbin you have been retired from your position and replaced by new sugarcane (I mean colleague).

The biggest problem with traditional marketing or jobs is that you only get paid till you work. When you stop working your income stops flowing

And therefore. You have to work again after retirement to earn money. Or you have to spend money limitedly from saving or most become dependent on their next generation.

So this is what happens in a traditional business or people working in the traditional job. Now let’s see how to quit your job working part time / working from home and make more passive money than 60 to 65 years of work. 

How to Quit your Job?

You have to work for 40 years or more in a traditional job and only 4 to 6 years in the online business (network or Internet marketing)

Because, in online business, you make more money in 4-6 years than you may earn in 40 years in a traditional job. That means you save 34-36 years in your life that you can enjoy at your own will.

Now let’s understand the Work Pattern & Cash Flow in Network / Internet marketing business.

Year 1. You start an online business for pennies. (You are  21 years old)

Here as compared to traditional jobs: 

  • You need to work harder. 
  • Need to attend or go through lots of training webinars and hard follow up.
  • You get a personal mentor / leader to guide you.
  • This is your business learning period. 
  • You are undergoing a transition from employee mindset to business mindset.
  • You are learning how to quit your shitty job and jump into the right quadrant of the cashflow.

But as compared to the traditional job, here you get paid less in your first year. Some months you only earn pennies compared to a job.

This is the reason many people dropout or quit from the internet marketing business in their very FIRST year of beginning.

These are those people who don’t understand the power of internet marketing and always keep blaming that I have done it. It’s a scam. Not working.. etc etc

Year 2. You continued working hard for the second year. (You are 22 years old)

After 1 year of hard work, following training and doing efforts in followup, you now have a network of ambitious and like minded people.

This year, you are not working alone. You work in a team helping each other therefore as compared to the first year, your business starts to speed up and you get passive income month after month in the second year.

Year 3. You are a team leader now. You owned a Business! (And you are just 23 years old)

After 2 years of hard work and efforts of team building, you get much more experience in these 2 years than 20 years of traditional jobs. You are now a team leader and guide of your team members to grow their individual business.

As your team grows fast each day, each week and every month, the size of your cheques also grows week by week, month after month due to your teamwork and leadership. It will be more fun now. 

Your work load is shared by the team. You get more FREE time and more money rolling in.

Year 4. You are an Influencer. You are the BRAND! ( Wow.. You are 24 years old)

After 3 years of Internet marketing journey, you develop thousands of followers if not millions yet. At the time of entering in the fourth year, the life of most of the internet marketers has been changed completely.

I am not saying you don’t have to work after that. You have to work in your first, second, third, and fourth year too. But as compared to the income you received after your third year of internet marketing business, your work is nothing.

The only work for you as an internet marketer after fourth year is to train your team, support them with your knowledge and experiences. Help your team to grow their business. And this work is not as hard as compared to your first and second years.

At this stage, you are so successful in your internet business that people start to FOLLOW you, LIKE you and TRUST you.

People want to become like you. They want to join you, you become a BRAND. And this may happen only in 4 years of Internet Marketing Business than when you spent 40 years in a job.  

If you became successful at the age of 24-26 year, how would your life be? Here you become financially free at the age of 26, whereas many people start their traditional job at this age and work for life.

By the way, I am not against the job culture. I did it. Any business needs initial investment and you may need a job to earn it. But relying only on a job for life is like adding water to a broken bucket. 

And you don’t want to do that. Do you? 

So this is what a network / internet marketing business can do for you. 

What Is the Main Difference in Traditional Job and Network / Internet Marketing?

So, up to now you have learned traditional marketing versus internet / network marketing business. How it works and a lot more.

But the main difference between a traditional job and internet / network marketing business is that..

In a traditional job, you are “destroying” yourself slowly. But in the Internet marketing business you are “developing” yourself. 

Your academic education doesn’t teach you this. This all depends on you. You choose to destroy yourself in a traditional market that wants to see you broke for your entire life or grow yourself with internet marketing and retire in 5-6 years…

So guys, if you have not tried any internet business before or want to start your own internet business click this button!

Don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues and do comment your opinion on this below.

Have a happy retirement..

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