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How To Hit 1000 Visitors In A Month For Free?

Want Free Traffic? Well, in todays short article we will find out one easy and free way to get 100’s of targeted visitors to your business. And you can do this WHEREVER you go – Gym, Multiplexes, Mall, Travel, Office and literally wherever you go.

You will have targeted eyeballs curious about your business. 👀

So, let’s get started…


I know… you’ve read that phrase several times. And you are going to read it many more times as we are all doing business together.

Do you know why almost every business fails? It’s simple really. They don’t have anyone visiting their websites or store. The web has become so large that it can be very difficult for new customers to find you.

And remember one thing: If people can’t find you, they can’t order anything from you.

To put it simply:  No Traffic = No Sales 

It is always better to promote your business in different ways. And as there is lots of competition for promoting your business online; you need to think OUT of the Box to stand out.

Do you think, you can get your advertisement in Newspaper or some Biz Magazines? for free?

Think, if you can book a hoarding in your area?

If you are an ONLINE marketer, you can kill TWO birds with single stone- offline!

Here is what I mean…

T-SHIRTS Marketing for FREE Traffic!

Are you an online marketer or building something great online; looking for customer to be interested in your business?

Now days, T-shirts can be a great advertising tool that you can use OFFLINE.

Cost effective.

Getting your brand.

Creating curiosity.

That is why every business have a t-shirt printed branding their logo, tote bags or mugs and distribute free of cost sometime.

Have you noticed this?

Why not people would ask about your business directly if you do the same? Promote your business wherever you GO- It will DO two things for you—

1. You have a trendy wearing among the CROWD.

2. You are promoting your business without SPEAKING a single word.

You may want to TRY it now!

Don’t you?

Want Customized Marketing T-shirts?

Option #1: Do it yourself.

Every business generally have their logo or brand slogan ready without which people will not remember you. If you don’t have one, first upon you can custimize your own t-shirts idea about your business. Design your brand logo and slogan and you can get it printed locally for cheapest price.

Then distribute your printed mateial like tees, mugs, bags etc to your friends and family or use yourself.

Option #2: Get ready made marketing t-shirts.

Either you don’t have time or you really don’t want to do it yourself, then you can buy some ready made custiomzed t-shirts or other apparel online. I have created some marketing t-shirts and other accessaries you may want to check out…

I’m offering you 15% flat DISCOUNT on your PURCHASES TODAY at my Store! USE promo-code PASSION15 while checkout to claim your discount. 

Hope this helps you promoting your BUSINESS to local customers in your reach! And may you get some targeted business partners to join you.

If you need any t-shirts or other accessaried in more colours or in colours of your choice, then just contact me and tell me your favorite colour of tees to be made availiable.

And I will give you additional 5% discount for getting your favorite colour.

Want More Traffic?

So this one way to get targeted traffic to your website or business. Other way to get 10,000+ Visitors In A Month For Free is blogging. Also known as SEO marketing. See here how to start blogging that helps you getting tons of free traffic from search engines like Google , Yahoo etc.

Blog Money Blueprint

Let me know if any questions. Your comment is appreciated, if you have tried my marketing Tees!

Have free traffic wherever you go…!


Santosh Mali

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