5 Billion Sales Review

How To Make Money With 5 Billion Sales -Review 2022

Welcome to the 5 Billion Sales review! Santosh Mali here again. This is going to be the shorted review about this growing AI based company. This is because EVERYTHING you need to know about 5 Billion Sales has already been disclosed in their FAQs.

So, there are nothing more hidden agendas with this company. Here I’m to depict what is actually inside my dashboard. So stay tuned. But before that let’s have a brief introduction about the 5 Billion Sales company.

What is 5 Billion Sales?

5 Billion Sales is a British company however their holding companies or platforms are multi-national based in six countries and expanding now days.

The services they are providing will benefit every end user without barriers or limits. Their services are not new, but they are revolutionary and unique due to their monetization of the old world.

5 Billion Sales is already big and getting bigger daily. It is getting more than 5 Million visits a month and is free to join and earn money with their 2 FREE revolutionary ways.

They also have guaranteed sales project to grow any business online. I will talk more about income opportunities and guaranteed sales later. So this is a little bit about 5 Billion Sales.

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Is 5 Billion Sales Worth Joining?

5 Billion Sales Dash
Image update- 12 June, 2022

It is a worthy question. And the answer to this is YES!

It is unlike many FREE opportunities over there on the internet where you need to work hard to make a dollar a month. Many people spend a year(s) on free opportunities and make nothing. I have done that.

5 Billion Sales gives you an opportunity to earn $1.6 a day (or $48 a month) just for browsing your favorite site for 1-2 minutes a day. And it is free money from your own activity.

Is $48 a month worth to you by spending 2 minutes a day?

How many people do you know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?
You can multiply that number by $100…

  • If you can manage to invite 100 people from those social medias, it is worth $10,000 a year passive income. Yours free.
  • What if that number grows to 1000? $100,000 a year. Yours free.

Is it worth for you spending an hour a day to spread to the world and help achieving people’s financial goals? It is their affiliate program and you can become financially free for free without investing a dollar.

How many people do you know have a business page on Facebook or a website?
Multiply that by $3020…

  • If you invite 100 people who have any business online or have a business website and want to buy Guaranteed Sales Ads each (not just leads) with 5 Billion Sales, you could earn $3020*100= $302,000 a year.
  • If those 100 people buys 800 Guaranteed Sales Ads in total again next year, your affiliate commission becomes $2,416,000 a year.
  • Happy people buy again and again and more and more.
  • You have this opportunity. It is free to invite. DO THE MATHS.

Don’t you think it is worth of your time and may be some money to build your downline in 5 Billion Sales? In my veiw it is worth trying.

What is unique in 5 Billion Sales?

The 5 Billion Sales website is uniques itself.

I have not seen such opportunity in my entire online journey till date. I have tried so many FREE website, PTC websites, affiliate programs but not a single website was able to pay $1 a day. Even after laborious promotion of an offer for a month could not generate a dollar with other opportunities.

They have 3 opportunites to earn money from:

#1: Sell Data Income

Here, as said above, with 5 Billion Sales Sell Browsing Data (No dollar investment) opportunity, you have a minimum guaranteed income per month from your own browsing activities. Install their browser extension and start searching your favorite sites. You earn for it.

#2: Refer and Earn

Likewise you earn from your own browsing activities, you also earn from browsing activities of your referrals. If you manage to invite people who are interested to Sell their Browsing Data (No dollar investment), you accrued $100 each referral which is payable after 12 months (Now this seems worst. Nobody can wait a year to get their FREE affiliate commission).

But why should 5BillionSales pay you $100 instantly if you are not paying them nor your referral is gona pay them?

Still you can get it paid FASTER than 12 months period.

For each advert (Guaranteed Sales) bought by people you’ve referred already or refer in future into your level 1, you get 1 credit. Collect 10 credits and you are paid 1 month faster. The more credits you get, the faster you are paid up to 10 months faster.

For example: Collect 50 credits and get commission in 6 months. Collect 100 credits and get paid in next month.

For each advert (Guaranteed Sales) bought by your referral, you earn $20 commission payable in next month. After..

1st guaranteed sales delivery to your referral adverts, you earn another $1000, (in 3-4 months)

2nd guaranteed sales delivery to your referral adverts, you earn another $1000, (in 6-7 months)

3rd guaranteed sales delivery to your referral adverts, you earn another $1000, (in 8-9 months)

So for every guaranteed sales you refer, you earn total $3,020 over a period of 12 months.

Who is there don’t want guaranteed sales?

Which business is not interested to grow fast?

If you can manage to refer 100 businesses a year, you could earn $302,000 a year. FREE.

#3: Guaranteed Sales Opportunity

This ONE is unique. I have never seen anybody offering such guarantee or even dare to mention into their sales page or any legal page.

Almost every advertising agency only offer paid clicks or some time go for guaranteed leads. Nobody dare to offer guaranteed sales. Atleast 5 Billoion Sales do it. 😃

Whatever business you have…. 5 Billion Sales help you Make More Money from your:

  • Crypto business
  • MLM
  • Affiliate link for example ClickBank
  • Affiliate program
  • Network marketing
  • Online business
  • eCommerce
  • Downline

Guaranteed Sales offer cost $269/adverts and you can order max 8 adverts at a time. It delivers an agreed net profit to a webpage that makes online sales. The net profit is $155k delivered 3 times in 12 months and after each delivery, you pay them $52,700 profit share (34% of $155k).

1st guaranteed sales delivery of $155,000 (in 3-4 months), you pay them $52,700 profit share. ($155k-$52,700= $102,300 net profit to you)

2nd guaranteed sales delivery of $155,000 (in 6-7 months), you pay them $52,700 profit share. ($155k-$52,700= $102,300 net profit to you)

3rd guaranteed sales delivery of $155,000 (in 8-9 months), you pay them $52,700 profit share. ($155k-$52,700= $102,300 net profit to you)

So for every $269 advert you buy, your guaranteed sales profit is $306,900 over a period of 12 months.

Here is my Guaranteed Sales Adverts Screenshot…

5 Billion Sales Guaranteed Sales Image

I’m at delivery status #4 which is Machine Learning while publishing this review. I will update this review and pics once the adverts is completed. So bookmark this page to see an update and results of my advert in coming months…

NOTE: Guaranteed Sales Offer will be ending soon as of limited spots. Once it is ended, you need to pay $52,700 (34% of $155K) in advance to get the guaranteed sales spot.

Summaries of 5 Billion Sales

Ok, I guess I have done my short review part. So let’s make a summary about 5BillionSales.

  • 5 Billion Sales is a free website to earn money from selling your browsing data. You could earn $1.6 a day ($48 a month) just by browsing and login to website daily. (No single penny needed to be invested up front)
  • You can also earn thousands of dollars from their FREE affiliate program, Refer & Earn. You could earn $100 / year per Sell Data referral. You can withdraw this amount earlier by collecting credit points by referring guaranteed sales customers. 10 credits pay you 1 month faster.
  • Guaranteed Sales Adverts earn you guaranteed money. It will help you sale more. It delivers sales until your opportunity get $155,000 three (3) time over the period of 1 year. (You need to pay 34% of $155K to 5 Billion Sales company every time they delivers guaranteed sales)
  • If they miss the $155k guaranteed sales delivery, they will not claim 34% profit share. You keep all the profits for missed delivery.

This is all about 5 Billion Sales. I think it is legit opportunity to earn money for free investing some time from home. There you can read many testimonials about getting paid their money in the bank account.


If you join 5 Billion Sales with my link below and activate your free account, I will build a FREE chatbot (worth $10 a month) for your business (as a bonus).

Once you join and activate your account, send me an email with subject line “5Billion Bonus“.

Have a nice day and good luck.

-Santosh Mali

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